Malk – Death From A Love

Can we really imagine death from a love? It’s one of those rare things that happens all too often, painted into the fabric of cotton goods promises and soft-hearted tenderness. Say a love leaves us unexpectedly, dies suddenly, and we are insatiable to that love originally – that could be marked as death from a love. Like something inside us has died, ready to be replaced with something else that we don’t really want to replace at all costs. This is the “love” element, closeness, some would say clinging, but I don’t know about you, love never comes through death…

And I don’t know either, whether you also feel how mental transmogrification turns the concept of “it” inside out, with fake society, conceited people, counterfeit claims and all that negative mind-melting stuff that comes through death. Do some people enjoy perverting the concept of death? Of over-dramatising what life is actually always eternal? Seriousness is seriousness, and words are just that – dust in deserts of sound. It is only when we find material serious and mature enough to tranquilise the sheer grief that non-psycopathic people feel that we find albums like “Death From A Love”. It’s a great title, a great album and a great package. One that will last for all eternity in the eyes of those willing to use that oh-so important word: care.

You need patience, in other words, to tackle a concept like “Death From A Love”. The weak-minded fall down and have no patience. The creator of this recording has a lot of patience, I would wager. How else could one commit to things that are seen as trite in the minds of the unminded robot-hybrids of our generation? Pedalling out the unreal at every turn – this album is real. From the opening lines, where morose tones touch the back of the neck in a FareWell Poetry style, the anger that we all feel is self-contained and instead of being left to fester, is expressed in musical, and here, reviewer language. It’s the least trade-off a true artist could expect of intelligent life, after all. As represented by electronic skeletons throughout the central coda.

In life, nobody is better than anyone else. We are all winners. And every album is a treasure, whether you choose to “like” it or not? And what is like? We may as well be all self-defeatist – I’ll tell you what; we may as well all be Franz Kafka. Never finishing our stories properly – I’ve wrote a lot of those stories over the years. But the deciding factor on whether we keep art in our collections (we are ultimately nerdy collectors if we are perusing this area of music by nature, after all) is if the central concept is a successfully realised one. Come tune in to “Death From A Love” and find out why we have something special.

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