Celer & Forest Management – Indistinguishable From Magic

Exclusive track taken from the upcoming album ‘Landmarks’ released through Constellation Tatsu…

Collaborating for the first time, Will Long and John Daniel combine their methods using tape machines, loops, and computers to score a reimagining of Peter Weir’s film and Paul Theroux’s novel “The Mosquito Coast”. Sourcing inspiration from a view of the film and book as a historical pendulum, the musicians found that these reinterpretations left them nostalgic for a different time, something that’s only partly imagined, and without the defined predictions about the life cycles of mass culture based on our limited understanding of current events.

Celer is the solo project of Will Long, an American musician, writer, and photographer living in Tokyo, Japan. Forest Management is John Daniel, an American musician currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois.

Release Date: 02/05/18


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