Very ponderously, I approach the review stage of this box-fresh drone-log by Masaya Ozaki, and it’s the release that’s made me sit up and think the most in now my 209th site article. There are intriguing sounds dotted and masked all over it, like the strange scrapes of “Entropy” that seem to mirror the dredging of a beer barrel. Has the liquid of life dried up already? Surely not…if you’ve ever heard “Catalog Des Arbres” on the Touch label you’ll be familiar with the sort of sound palette displayed.

Displayed is a fond adverb, since the music, like in the half-Wurlitzer, half bowed string lap steel of “Circular”, fondly parries movement, and instead moves in an aquatic comatose. Musically, “Mythologies” is like a rare find from ultra space, as is the concept of truly understanding the various mythologies of mother Earth. As you drift on with its lightning rod precision of harmonic feeling, there is an electric frisson that seems rather shot of whisky, hither shot of impending daze.

The paradoxical dazed feel of the music is no discredit. It’s a compliment in this case. And a description of the otherwise part unexplainable trajectories these sounds slip and slide towards. Take “Horizon”, which seems to be some kind of rally cry of instruments building a fake torpor, as to mock pretence of post-rock music, and never being able to be categorised as Mogwai or Godspeed’s poor man. It’s a fine example of intro fixation ideology, as Jon Porass’ comparable solo records are to this decorum.

By the time the 2 minute “Singular” closes us out it’s not a second too long or short. The magnification of editing process and eaking out grey hairs of unsightly sound, creates a creaking tapestry, that feels like unlocking the doors to Narnia. An even colder, fictional place, and it begs the reverse questioning; is sound always fiction? We know like Eurotrash, comedy overdubs can be used to alter narratives, and not everything we see is everything we hear. The senses are always different.

What for me most succeeds as a sensible strategy of “Mythologies” is its drinking from the liquid of life to lubricate – for want of a better word – the foundations of the most primitive impulses in life; the seeking of enjoyment. Mission – or mythology – accomplished.

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