Alapastel – Solar System for Nina

Silvia Bobeková

Exclusive track taken from the upcoming album ‘Hidden For The Eyes’ released though Slowcraft Records on 9th March 2018 (Pre-orders from 2nd March)…

‘Solar System for Nina’ is a farewell to a girl who decided to leave this world in 2015. She was probably the most kind-hearted creature I met in my life. The symbolism of the song is based on “prayer” for freedom – “May the shields be eradicated and may not be more created.”

Recitation / singing of this text resonates with the opening of three different parts of the composition that symbolize my idea of 3 planets of an extraterrestrial solar system somewhere in the Universe. All planets combine the same motif as the symbol that it is the same star system. It is a string loop that is slowed down during the first two planets and symbolizes the gravity and rotation of the planet. Since I was deeply convinced that Nina is now free, I imagined what it would be like when she visited them when she wanted to. The planets descend gradually from the farthest to the closest to the central star.

The first visited planet is rotating in the opposite direction, wrapped in a thin atmosphere, less massive than Earth, but too cold to have life. Its surface, however, offers breathtaking views and stunning auroras borealis (whistling crackling sound is a aurora borealis radio record). From 2:52 begins the middle and the most massive planet – the iovian gas giant. There are peaceful areas on the planet, but huge tornadoes, unbelievable storms of enormous sizes and catatonic forces are still prevailing. From 6:16 the third, closest, smallest and warmest planet comes. It is a green, living oasis. There are countless beings who are in harmony with themselves and the world they live in. – Lukáš Bulko (Alapastel)

Painting by Silvia Bobeková
Vocals by Alex Lukácová and Marián Hrdina

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