Langham Research Centre – Tape Works

Although rose-tinted sparks of light perpetuate the off-kilter motions of Langham Research Centre’s “Tape Works”, the auditing process takes in a lot more than audio visual basics. The novel becomes a full bodied red wine, capable of confidently leading a flicker here, a flick of a page there, or a switch musically. Eventually, every synapse shock begins to make arrythmiatic sense.

The quartet of noisemakers that construe the insides of Langham Research Centre’s brain do so certainly with plenty of references to the Radiophonic Workshop. “Money” changes hands in a civilised fashion, while “Doors” is almost Mr Dead meets Alfred Hitchcock “The Birds” turned Mr Happy. Strange, perhaps, but altogether absorbing as an album cortex, and moreover synonymous with the early experiments (sometimes televised) of John Cage and later Morton Feldman. As a base for sine wave and oscillator noise from Robert Worby and company, it’s rather intriguing and otherworldly all at once. The sounds waver and never really reach a cumulative intensity, like one of those late night Wire Tapper CDs from the nineties onwards, it’s a sort of hodge podge of mature cheddar in the experimental world with a strong scent to match.

The overall feeling one gets from this record is going to the pub for a quiet drink, and encountering some enthused walkie talkie receiver which tells you a load of stories that do not make any sense at all philologically. Then you leave the situation and encounter the notion of just how bizarrely beautiful that set of movements through focus and logic were; the unreal and the transmogrified can tell your fortune for you. This collection of red herrings is like that. And quite scrumptious they are too. The success should be in the failure to compute sense from nonsense… or is that the art of the ‘red herring’, anyway? In any case, I recommend that you buy without too much thought. Works onto fresh tape, whereas here, the tape preferred to turn itself inside out.

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