Pie Are Squared – Adriatica

Handstitched* is pleased to announce a new EP by Pie Are Squared. “Adriatica” features four pieces, steering us into a wandering commingle, nestled in-between modular vibrations and found sound reverberations. The digital version features the bonus track “0CL8”. Limited to 50 copies, packed and bound in black book covers, every edition is individually hand-numbered. Artwork, design & packaging by Handstitched*. Released 9 March [HS24].

“Adriatica” is Pie Are Squared’s approximation of a love letter to his adopted hometown of Ravenna and the area that surrounds it. An area in which the road of the same name, the SS16 “Adriatica”, plays a huge part of people’s daily lives and along which all the field recordings to make this album where captured (primarily in Cervia, Santarcangelo di Romagna and Ravenna). The album continues in the more focused direction taken by co(a)sts, with minimal instrumentation and the heaviest use of field recordings in any Pie Are Squared album to date.


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