Rime Trails – Sacred Groves

A retired microphone you say, Rime Trails? This artist, although heavily using birdsong on an earlier release has given up the ghost on as much field recording as interference, and prefers to pepper the sonic narrative as an afterthought, riding a blue wave to the heavens… heavenly drones and Jon Hassell like minimalism is order of the day here. A magnificent collection of hummable ambient, do walk down our trail to hear for yourself.

“Sacred Groves” marks the second album proper on the Shimmering Moods label for Rime Trails, at least the second that this fan has known of on the established Bandcamp site. Fans of the first release will find much quietude and salvation in this record. It is comprised of eight variations titled “Sanctum” with Roman numerals marking out an archaic theme to construction. The drones are sleepy, melodies yawning in a Stars Of The Lid-heavy way that immediately perks my spirits up. Indeed, whenever music as good as this arrives it’s no wonder Spotify users and the like become so enamoured with its playability. Soft crimson pianos are threaded together like bloodlines leading to a beating heart of an inner sanctum, quite.

The genial romance of the piece as a whole is testament to its nods to the old school of minimalism, a shoehorning of serialism and bypassing straight to the romantic Renaissance artists of classical music in the 19th to 20th centuries such as Mozart and Schubert. With a generalised “time lag accumulation” device that minimalists have used and as Terry Riley now famously comments on in the recent BBC 4 documentary “Drones And Arpeggios”, the music fits right in with the contemporary era, yet seems to be hinting at a ultra space nothingness eclipsed by the meeting of the sun and the moon. Capiche? I mean the understanding of the logic of drone has always been related to space and time, cosmology – and granted space in television documentaries as such.

The success Rime Trails has is notable because of its sticking to a minimalist ambient ultimatum, ultimately I realise this is my favourite kind of music – yawning drones that are half ambient music of the contemporary era, half minimal drone. The dreamy dissonance and sombre sobriety, sticky solemnity and aquiesence to aeolian mode creates one of the most uplifting records that is not hanging it’s heart on its sleeve at all. It’s simply, a trail on the way to the sacred grove; this ambient fan’s very deified version of musical heaven.


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  1. says: Chris

    There s more by rime trails unreleased.can someone help get it out there proper.inc the self released ice… Album.?

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