Mind Over Mirrors – Bellowing Sun

Good days are driven to music. It may sound strange, but music is part of life completely. The term “sweet music” is used for smooth living. Living is a mirror for existence. Existence is another mirror for the mind…

Mind Over Mirrors latest album, ‘Bellowing Sun’, is certainly full of the sweet music I crave in arpeggio territory. Some of it sounds like Julianna Barwick meets News From Babel. A sonic choreography of Boomkat’s 14Tracks compilations also springs to mind. The best thing about the record is its bubbliness, it’s happiness. Infectiously suave, the synthetic sauce is an awesome uplift – much like bathing in the bellowing sun. The continuousness of the lp segues, section by section squeezes warm sun lotion across the neck of the ideas, while the adam’s apple digests the cool beer of melodic liquidity. Indeed the very essence feels sunshiney.

A particularly good piece for me personally is the Arabian Knights flourish of track nine, ‘Talking Knots’. It’s the instrument Laraaji uses, played in an enveloping style that contrasts the will o wisp, burning sensations of the ululating vocals which follow. Much of the music is partial to the idea of contrailing synths, organic instrumentation and angelic, slightly pastoral choirs.

There is a potent sense of unrest. A general fluidity as such. This motioning keeps things aurally moving, and although this can be tiring in excess, excess is never quite reached. ‘Bellowing Sun’ is a really good album for my temper and tastes. It tranquilises as much as it calms. And that is like a ray from the sun. Really quite fine, and for synth geeks an essential purchase.


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