Chihei Hatakeyama – Scene

Chihei Hatakeyama on this new release has produced a marvel. Peacefully phrygian esque drones coalesce like ice crystals. On the whole, across 40 minutes of sleepydust generation devices, comes “Scene”: scenes in a play, or similar. The music has a dark undertone. Yet energy is eternal. And as we understand eternal sounds, we form internal memory.

This paints our version of a scene, a collectivised attempt to existentially visualise dark matter… hubris from the depths of the imagination. Although just 40 minutes, Chihei has again done what most others in the scene cannot completely do: create a sense of peace.

The drones delve deep, lull and lollop along, forever chasmed in their own loving oblivion. Tonewise limitless europas posit themselves like flags on a race track; a set of dreams guided by maps blue dot. Contrariwise, there is no specific reason to follow a path to this music. More a balm than a meditation, so.

What impresses me most is how the music can be so quintessential yet quickly unnoticeable. Indeed the very essence feels superpowered by white noise and hum, yet quiet, so quiet. One of the most relaxing records I’ve owned in a long time.

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