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May 2018 marks the release of not less than two new N records on Denovali records. First in line is the new solo record N(44) ‘Vreden’, featuring the live set N played on the very last Denovali festival at Weststadthalle, Essen, using a bigger rig with two halfstacks for a very monolithic sound, perfectly recorded by Andreas Brinke of [ B O L T ]. In contrast to the more symphonic sounding records like N(43) ‘Anklam’, the three new tracks N wrote especially for this evening seem to be more stripped at the first glance, focussing on the vibrating connection between his guitar and the two-amp setup, with the multiple layers of sound hanging like wires in the air between the two amps, even in the moments of highest density. Especially when ‘Vreden 2’ opens up to a vast field of a dark and misty landscape, the guitar and the reverb of the seem- ingly endless room around blend into each other, like a perfect symbiosis where you can’t tell anymore what the player does and what is just the answer of the room… The overall feeling of a deep melancholia peaks with the closing track ‘Vreden NACHT’, slowly evolving from the last trails of reverb of the track before, with the long super slow and lonely melody of the last requiem coming out of some sparse bass rumble…

The second record is N(52) + Dirk Serries ‘SC00’, finally. Dirk and N intended to work together since a very long time and sent soundfiles to each other. But it was quite a long time until N(52) + Dirk Serries ‘Kehr’ became real: a hybrid between a split and a collaboration, with N having played all music using the guitar / fx / amps setup and Dirk Serries doing sound-treatments, arrangement and collaging. This album was the point to get it started and now we present you ‘SC00’, the first album of the Scatterwound trilogy. Recorded during a soundcheck way back in time at Franziskus Kirche at Cologne, the music that was sleeping on a hard-disk somewhere in the archives had already really started the collabora- tion without us knowing about that… With some sparse melodies playing around each other on the first track, building up a wall of sound on the second one, without any hint who played what in the end, the music is raw and energetic, atmospheric and dark; just two guitars without any overdubs that work together as one multi-string, multi amp instrument…

“Over the past 5 years of Wælder existence, many ideas have accumulated that haven’t been released. We care about this music and we want to release these works in a special frame. Starting now, we will release something new every 2 weeks over a longer period and make it available via Bandcamp in a “pay-what-you-want” manner. The collected money will be donated to “PROSA – Project School for All”, an organization, which offers basic education and compulsory schooling courses, designed and held for young people with an escape and migration experience. So get your pennies together and help us support this important project.

As part of the association area PROSA – Project School for All! basic education and compulsory schooling courses are designed and held for the target group of young people with an escape and migration experience. The educational activity takes place in the triangle of social work – teaching – social inclusion work / neighborhood work. They understand this conception as a PROSA PRINCIPLE. Escape is an emotionally stressful experience and needs its own rooms for processing. Social work that works directly at the place of learning makes it possible to give the emotional and social consequences of escape a place for learning to succeed, and individual confidants, buddies, are available as caregivers.” – Waelder


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