Stray Theories – All That Was Lost

n5MD is proud to bring you ‘All That Was Lost’, The third album from cinematic ambient composer Stray Theories…

Australian born and current New Zealand resident Micah Templeton-Wolfe is the sole force behind Stray Theories, and this album finds him following-up 2014’s ‘We Never Left EP’ with his first new long-form Stray Theories material, not to mention, his first album to be pressed to vinyl.

Templeton-Wolfe’s time away has not been for naught. Composing for films, collaborations with like-minded artists and a plethora of remix projects, all while creating a sample pack for the Noiiz sample app under new project Ocean Lost. So it’s been a busy time for Templeton-Wolfe. While he has seemingly been focusing his efforts elsewhere, Templeton-Wolfe has been quietly composing for ‘All That Was Lost’, an album which is imbued in spades with Stray Theories’ signature mood-altering soundscapes.

Muted electronics have always played a part in the Stray Theories pallet, and some of Templeton-Wolfe’s extracurricular work might have something to do with those textures now being brought a bit more to the fore. In Templeton-Wolfe’s hand, these fit in perfectly within the personally subjective nature his music has always suggested. ‘All That Was Lost’ is a cinematic ambient gem brought into the world at a time when we need it most.

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