Nat Evans – Flyover Country

Nat Evans - Flyover Country, ghostly image of 19th-Century lady superimposed over a modern grassland plain.

Following on from his through-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail for his album “The Tortoise” and his close encounters of the coyote kind on “Coyoteways”, composer Nat Evans turns to his own family history for his latest project. “Flyover Country” is an EP drawn from his multimedia performance work of the same title. In performance, “Flyover Country” is a multi-layered composition that picks apart the nation’s colonialist history from 1710 – 1940 and its impact on grasslands ecology, indigenous communities, and extraction industries through the lens of the artist’s family archive. Music, video, electronics, and the artist’s own storytelling are woven together in a performance that traces the parallel lines between the Evans family’s generational mythologies and America’s westward expansion.

We are very pleased to present this video teaser for the track ‘Ancestors’, featuring music from the EP performed by Will Hayes on guitar, footage filmed in the plains of the MidWest, and photos from the Evans family archive.

[vimeo 287162922]

Flyover Country will be released everywhere digitally September 20th along with a limited edition cassette. Pre-order Flyover Country HERE. After performances in Seattle and Portland, ME (September 14th), Evans is planning more national dates for this multimedia work for this winter.

Nat Evans

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