A Portrait Of: Ben Chatwin

Village Green composer and producer Ben Chatwin details the journey of creating 2018’s incredible pair of albums – ‘Staccato Signals’ and ‘Drone Signals’.

Starting out as purely electronic record, Chatwin decided at the last minute to work with a string quartet on ‘Staccato Signals’, finding innovative ways to bury and combine the instruments within his abrasive, electronic palette. Then, feeling like he hadn’t utilised the strings enough, he reversed the process – running recordings of strings through an array of modular synthesisers to create new microscopic electronic textures, creating ‘Drone Signals’. Ultimately, both albums reflect Ben’s growing acceptance that often the best music is made when he relinquishes control, both to other musicians and to the machines.

Buy the albums here:

Staccato Signals
Drone Signals


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