Ouvala – Multiperspectivity

A few years ago Ian Hawgood and myself embarked on a musical journey, this journey resulted in something magical and mysterious, in 2016 Ouvala was born and the first release “Psychology of Colour” was lovingly packaged and released by Fluid Audio.

This brings us to the here and now, Ouvala have been quietly working on new material and after a year of passing ideas back and forth, we let it rest and unknowingly incubate whilst we ambled through life. Earlier this year we unwrapped it and found it to be a thing of magical and spiritual mystery.
So we are proud to announce “Multiperspectivity”, the second Ouvala release, on Handstitched*. A mini album spread over two mini cds, limited to 70 copies, bound in hardback book covers, recycled sugar paper inserts with tissue paper overprints.

Ouvala are Ian Hawgood and Tim Diagram; Ouvala “Multiperspectivity” is the most-recent handiwork and features nine collaborative pieces, thrown back and forth several times. It is a characteristic of sound, short stories and mystical adventures where both musical perspectives are projected to the listener.
All songs written, recorded & mixed by Ian Hawgood and Tim Diagram from 2016-2018 on location in Japan, Poland and the UK. Design and packaging, assembled by Handstitched* Limited to 70 copies. [HS27]. Copyright 2018 Handstitched*
Ouvala “Multiperspectivity” is now available for pre-order.


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