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A collective for deep listening…

Launched in June 2018, Longform Editions is an ongoing series creating a space of musical discovery for extended, immersive music pieces from around the world. Founded by Andrew Khedoori and Mark Gowing, the people behind the long-running Australian label, Preservation, editions are released every two months. Longform Editions observes the contradictions and limitations inherent in contemporary digital platforms that exclude music not fitting strict algorithmic norms and fracturing accessibility to the very musical diversity they once promised. It is a hub for experimental artistic pursuit and a listener looking to experience this in a substantial and evolving way from a range of creative sources. Longform Editions is an attempt to reclaim something diminished in our digital landscape – a destination challenging new conventions with an act of curation, and an agent for emergent culture rather than its systematic opponent.

For Longform Editions 3, pivotal LA art-music mainstay Matthewdavid’s Mindflight offers a free-flowing 60 minute piece that’s in fact potentially endless in chasing the feeling of being both still and ever-present. Berlin-based Japanese artist Midori Hirano’s rippling piano improvisation produces a raw and unvarnished beauty rendered simply and on intuition alone. Also from LA, as Cruel Diagonals,  Megan Mitchell’s piece is a treatise on spatial orientation using industrial field recordings, layered vocals and modular synthesis. Finally, UK artist Yamaneko’s gentle ambient drift surges softly forth on a raft of lovely melodic charms, inspired by retracing steps on an RPG world map.

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Purchase – longformeditions.bandcamp.com

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