Moss Covered Technology – Southern Points

With a picturesque, pastoral centre, Southern Points reclines towards the warmth of the sunshine. Patient and flexible, the latest release from Greg Baird’s Moss Covered Technology project shelters in the safety – and the surrounding beauty – of the countryside: open fields and cresting hills, kissing gates tucked away behind stone walls and leaves blowing in a breeze of scented blossom. Southern Points (Hibernate) hits all the right notes…

Sparse, spacious, and introverted, the ambient soundscapes reflect a period of deep introspection for Baird. Choosing to focus on family life and life at home, there’s something very comforting about the tones here: they’re gentle and approachable, with warm smiles lighting up familiar faces. With the use of a Prophet 12, varying effects pedals, and processed field recordings, the soundscapes stretch out and the flowering melodies melt in the light of a Spring sun. The lightest wind wisps by, and heavier, supporting drones hint at a strengthening of the sunlight as an early morning haze turns to the strong musculature of midday. Scenery is crucial to the record, and its beauty was experienced first-hand. Baird is an eye-witness to the wonder of the day, and he translates this slice of peace into the language of music. It all came from a day out, the scenery and nature around him inspiring the creation of the album. Baird’s photos acted as additional inspiration during the writing and creating process.

The organic ambient hues help to turn the original image into music…but it goes at a sedate pace, with everything coming to fruition at just the right time, waiting for the right season. The album is warm – but not boiling. Listeners will still need a gilet and a light outer layer, but it’s indicative of Spring’s welcoming touch. Light electronics scrape against the side of a wooden fence. New shoots rise up from the soil; birds begin to chirp; the evenings are lighter for longer. Bursts of lavender colour the fields. The countryside beckons.

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