The Seaman And The Tattered Sail – Standing On The Precipice Of Tears

Sneak preview taken from the upcoming 2 x vinyl / 2 x CD box set album ‘Standing On The Precipice Of Tears’ by The Seaman And The Tattered Sail…

Tattersall played Guitar, piano, dusted loops, analogue loops, digital loops, drum machine, analogue synth, synth bass, field recordings, abstractions, fragment constructions and reconstructions, abstractions of Seaman (etc.), analogue spatial recordings, artificial wind, crackles (record surface noise), tape noise.

Seaman was working primarily with Ableton Live and contributed vocal, Piano, time abstractions, violin and viola samples, trumpet samples, clarinet samples, drum machine abstractions, drum machine constructions (samples), digital distortions, bit reductions, synth abstractions, abstractions of Tattersall (etc.), digital loops, radical pitch shifts, noise enhancements, historical samples, crackles – record surface noise (from Tattersall), artificial crackles.

Solo Viola – Emmanuel Witzthum
Solo Violin – Wei Ping Lin (on Uncovered CDs)
Additional Voice – Emmanuel Wizthum
Trumpet (sample recordings) – Robert Ellis-Geiger
Vocal recorded in The Emergence Lab by Seaman using a Roland Edirol R-09HR Ver.3.0

Mastering – Miles Whittaker

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