øjeRum – On The Swollen Lips Of The Horizon

Hanging in the ether like a dreamy sunset, Copenhagen’s øjeRum presents ‘On The Swollen Lips Of The Horizon’. Made with a Lyra 8 synthesizer and an audio filter, the two extended live pieces refrain from overdubs, choosing clear and spacious music over unnecessary additions. Very little was done in the way of editing so as to boost its flowing nature, which is important not just in live performance but in ambient music. The synth gives birth to a deep sound. Mesmeric melodies create accidental rhythms which overlap, sometimes stuttering in between expansive gaps or throbbing with a tidal regularity.

Released on Richard Chartier’s LA-based label LINE, ‘On The Swollen Lips Of The Horizon’ is a deeply calming work. Paw Grabowski makes emotional ambient, and his music has appeared on the likes of Shimmering Moods Records (NL), Aurora Borealis Recordings (US), Unknown Tone Records (US), and our own Fluid Audio imprint (UK). His work has been exhibited several times, most recently at the Le Bon Accueil – Lieu D’arts Sonores gallery in Rennes, France. The synth, rather than living in the background, goes beyond, becoming an instrument of hypnosis and acting as the primary centre of attention. The longer pieces are sustained submersions, opening into a vast space. Filling the entire sphere with its gently oscillating tones, the synths do enough to stand out, entering the space with bright strobes of light. The strong melodies capture the listener, but the sound remains padded and pillow-soft. Majestic and peaceful tones light up the music, and the notes form long, dreamy chains. Both pieces are minimal, and because of that, they feel expansive and deeply engaging.

Later on, the notes go for a swimming lesson. As the reverb levels increase, they wake up. They’ve had their morning coffee. The second track, while being an ‘active’ kind of ambient, still manages to be a relaxing one, although relaxation may not be its primary goal.

Music such as this may not have or need a goal: its only want is to exist, to let its music play. On and on and on.

The younger tones are spritely, dashing quickly from one note to the next as a deeper bass steadily pulses in between, providing underlying stability and reliability within a quivering structure. His music is perfect for drifting, unfolding and then taking up residence without ever feeling like an invasive presence. The swollen lips, so much like a bruise, produce a peach and apricot blur: the perfect sunset.


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