Benjamin Finger / Mia Zabelka / John Hegre – Live at Rewire 2018

Photo by Pieter Kers

Benjamin Finger/ Mia Zabelka / John Hegre craft hypnotic and sublime sonic landscapes, eventually drifting off into different unexplored musical territory.

The trio performed at the Rewire festival in Hague, Netherlands on April 6th 2018. The gig was recorded by Concertzender Netherlands. John Hegre stepped in on guitar to replace James Plotkin who couldn’t make it to the gig. The trio creates a freeform sound that invokes the spirit of both concrete and electronic music, while incorporating both traditional and unorthodox instrumentation. Benjamin’s heavily processed signature collages of sound are embellished by the organic and often similarly processed strings of Zabelka and Hegre, resulting in a world of audio that buzzes and drones, glitches and slithers, careening into unstable musical territories.

Benjamin Finger – a composer, electronic music producer, DJ, photographer and film-maker based in Oslo / Norway who in recent years has become quite a prolific artist, expanding his stylistic palette from piano miniatures and off-kilter pop experiments to lysergic, dream-like sound collages spiced with gentle warmth and sublime melody. He has earlier released albums on labels such as Time Released Sound, Eilean Records, Blue Tapes, Flaming Pines, Forwind, Karlrecords and has played support for acts such as The Dave Harrington Group, Sun Araw and Patten.

Mia Zabelka – who for decades now has been involved in countless projects, be it as musician (violin / electronics), curator or founder of the international sound art centre and who has worked with a.o. John Zorn, Electric Indigo, Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Dälek, Phil Minton, Phill Niblock.

John Hegre – Musician, composer, sound engineer and producer who has been quite active in the Norwegian and international music scene over the past 20 years. John Hegre has well over 60 releases to his credit published on various record labels worldwide such as Rune Grammofon. Hegre is one of the cornerstones of Norwegian noise music. Hegre startet Jazzkammer together with Lasse Marhaug in 1998, and Kaptein Kaliber with David Aasheim in 1999. He is also involved in Golden Serenades with Jørgen Træen, Black Packers with Jean-Philippe Gross, Rehab with Bjørnar Habbestad, Tree People with Morten J. Olsen and Ignaz Schick, NOXAGT with Kjetil Brandsdal and Jan Christian L. Kyvik, Bergen Impro Storband, Skurkeklubben with David Aasheim, Jørgen Træen and Bjørn Torske, Tralten Eller Utpult with Thore Warland and Kristoffer Riis. Among many others he as played/cooperated with: Masami Akita (Merzbow), Greg Pope, Maja Ratkje, Yasutoshi Yoshida, Florian Hecker, Alexei Borisov, Greg Pope and Espen Sommer Eide.

A: Part 1 (24:22)
B: Part 2 (24:20)

Benjamin Finger: synthesizers, field recordings, electronic devices, alien objects
Mia Zabelka: E-violin, electronic devices, alien objects
John Hegre: Electric guitar, electronic devices

Mastered and mixed by Concertzender Netherlands
Artwork by Clay Mahn
Photo by Pieter Kers

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