Stephan Mathieu – Radioland (Re-Issue)

Stephan Mathieu’s classic album of realtime processed shortwave radio signals, received, transformed and recorded between 2005 – 2006 and originally released on Die Schachtel in 2008, sees a long overdue reissue as a remastered double-CD, with the additional disc holding¬†an unpublished 50-minute live recording of a performance captured in November 2005 at Lampo, Chicago.

After being active as a free jazz drummer during the 90s and with over 60 releases of electroacoustic music either solo or in collabration with Sylvain Chauveau, Taylor Deupree, Fennesz and David Sylvian, Robert Hampson/MAIN, Kassel Jaeger and Akira Rabelais, France Jobin, David Maranha, and Janek Schaefer, Stephan put his own production on hiatus in 2017 to fully focus on his work as a mastering engineer.

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