Chris Watson – The Rail Trail

As part of our continued support for Bushfire relief here in AU this brutal summer, we are so very pleased to announce a new edition from wildlife recordist Chris Watson.

The recording, made in the South Burnett region of Queensland in 2009, captures the intense beauty of the Australia Bush. It’s a recording that represents how much life can be found in one small stretch of country and is evidence of the diverse ecosystems that exist within this vast continent. The recording was made as part of a special recording project instigated by Room40 during one of Chris’s regular visits south.

Chris has been responsible for some amazing and revealing field recordings here in Australia – this section from Sir David Attenborough’s Life In The Undergrowth being evidence of that. – Room40

A little note From Chris Watson… The sunset had left us in limbo. Lewis and I were hanging over the reeds on a bend in Blackbutt creek. One hand grasping an overhanging branch whilst with the other I clung to Lewis by his belt as he hung out over the water arcing a microphone pole towards the source. The frog chorus picked up, our conversation ceased, and we tuned into the darkness.

All monies raised from this edition will be donated to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery for the Australia Bushfires. Room40 will match all donations. It has been a hellish summer, we’re glad to support the Red Cross in their efforts!

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