Ida Toninato – Burning Bright

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is pleased to present We Become Giants by Ida Toninato. On her first outing for the label, Toninato conjures a vast ambient space through her physical collaboration with architecture, her instruments, and her listening ear.

We Become Giants was composed and recorded at the Tank Center for Sonic Arts in Colorado. This immense former water treatment facility is a uniquely resonant space, with a massive 40-second long reverberation. The music was composed in and with this sublime arena, the harmonics and beating patterns created by its own echo and reverb. After recording raw material in-situ, I returned to the studio to create a parallel synthetic space responding to the original one, using synthesizers, beats, and effects. The whole album was developed with the analogy of a hallucination in which real and imaginary space are intertwined into a sonic, visceral trip.

We Become Giants is dedicated to my brother, Manoah Toninato, whose courage and determination are amongst the brightest lights in my life – Ida Toninato

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