Itoko Toma – Shade

Shade is taken from the new album ‘The Window‘, released through 1631 recordings on January 24…

I was born and live in Setouchi region in Japan. (Setouchi region is surrounded by calm waves through the year. It is such a peaceful place) I grew up in a family who like music. Also my family like to play the piano too, so naturally I began to play the piano. At the same time, my mother read picture books, sang children’s songs and showed paintings to me daily. Since then, those experiences has been an inspiration to me.

I’ve studied classical piano since 4 years old and I especially like to play Bach, Schumann, Schubert and Debussy. My teacher taught me a lot, especially how to play the piano with soft tones. Long after that, I began to create my own music. I love many different kinds of styles like post classical, electronica, cinema, alternative and more. When I play the piano, I imagine many kinds of scenes and stories such as wind in the blue sky, birds singing in the woods, floating leaves on the water, twinkling stars at midnight and then those scenes become melodies – Itoko

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