Henning Schmiedt – Und Ausatmen

Henning Schmiedt’s new original variations of Bach’s Goldberg aria deal with the same theme as the original – to find rest in sleepless nights and the hope that slumber will finally come. Accordingly the titles of the songs In Henning’s new album Schlafen tell the story of a hypnosis session.

The upright muted piano is played extremely softly and gently, presenting the iconic classical gem in a very different attitude. Microphones placed very closely to the piano capture an intimate sound and emphasise the noises and movements inside the piano. The music paints the blue color of twilight and might make you sink in deeply.

Henning Schmiedt is a composer & concert pianist from Berlin. He grew up in former East Germany where working with art and music represented social freedom. He played, arranged and produced for many international artists like Mikis Theodorakis, Zülfü Livaneli, Sema, Lauren Newton, Al di Meola, Petros Pandis to name a few.

Creative desire for musical experiments: film soundtracks for Cinema, documentaries , reframing of Mahler’s “Songs on the Death of Children”, sound installations, composition of chamber music, vocal music, etc. Since 2008 he published for Tokyo’s label flau six Piano Solo albums with original compositions. Furthermore he teamed up for another album with label founder Yasuhiko Fukuzono aka aus under the moniker Hau and released a Duo Production with violinist Christoph Berg.


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