Margins – I Tired For Hours


The latest instalment from Fluid Audio see’s a return collaboration between Daniel Crossley and Craig Tattersall (The Humble Bee). They go by the name Margins, creating a unique audio / photographic project that investigates the fragility of life…

Stillness is a running theme in ‘I Tired For Hours’. In fact, it’s the sound of a prolonged siesta; music of sustained drifts and small particles of sound. Ambient nooks and crannies are empty save for the oscillations, light hisses, and slender drones, all of which shimmer like a heat-haze in the middle of a July afternoon. Field recordings bring an immediate clarity and a sense of place to the ambient mirage. Its quiet backstreets are surrounded by a quiet semblance of music.

Shy ambient sounds lie in corners – they’re bright, and not plagued by a shadow from an overhanging rooftop, despite living in the recesses of the town. One can imagine a nearby harbour, with its boats rocking gently from side to side, engaged in the metronomic rhythm of the music’s tinkling notes. They’re the only sounds to walk the backstreets. Other soft sounds are embedded in the community, too, looking out from windows and adorning balconies. The sounds are familiar and comfortable, with the feel of a small town. Nostalgic elements are imprinted on the record via a series of photographs: an old image of a couple, for instance, adds emotional resonance to the sound. Sepia-washed from years and years of ageing, the photograph can sometimes age the record, but the music remains immediate, bright, and fresh, even if its textures are starting to fray, their sounds slowly being erased.

Music by: Craig Tattersall
Mastering by: Tim Diagram
Photography by: Daniel Crossley
Design by: Daniel Crossley

We return with another beautiful ‘Book Editions’ package…

As mentioned previously, with all book editions, the theme focuses on fragility, stillness and nostalgia. Old books are met with the scalpel; dismantled / reassembled, presenting a restoration of things loved and lost. The design also includes vintage photos, hand numbered/stamped library cards, page inserts, book-marks, A5 prints, etc that all rest inside glassine bags. Extremely limited… only 100 copies available! Each copy is completely unique and different from the next. When we say limited edition, we mean it!

Made by hand,

Vintage (circa:1870-1959) hardback clothbound books that have been re-assembled / screwed/bolted together into CD covers.
Each copy also includes pages of writing / pictures from each book
15 x A5 photographic prints on luxury uncoated paper; designed by Daniel Crossleyl
1 x A7 library print (stamped / numbered)
Hand numbered library cards
1 x vintage family photograph (circa:1865-1938)
2 x finger printed CDs
Vintage book-marks
Stamped / hand numbered / scented
Incense stick
All of the above rests inside glassine bags
Download code (includes 23 high resolution PDF prints)
Limited to 100 copies

Made with love…

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