Aduantas – Go Deo

Sounding incredible from the off, ‘Go Deo’ by Aduantas probes with yearning timbre, aching and straining like coruscating logs on a bonfire. The music is accompanied well by spoken murmurs and an almost film noir narrative…

Where ‘Suas Sios’ took in a harsher bend to drug the brain like Elderflower Jelly, the prism-grip longing of ‘Ah Ghrin’, third piece resoundingly re-opens on and off on itself, as if some kind of bipolar serpent. Long lavish layers of synth crush like waves against a riverbank on a stormy day. Where the record unfurls to rally, it is highly successful. Where the yearning is great, we see a met sense of fulfillment.

As the concept progresses in breadth, the quality only increases in scope. Furtive, yes, and ultimately beneficial to the makers of this album, as they have really achieved a sense of inner peace. Thanks, Aduantas. Drone as a genre can be seen as a fruitful place away from generic Ambient World tags for the hardened old timers among us, but it’s also welcoming to the new. That is, this album, this artist, this label. ‘Go Deo’ is right up there with Willits & Sakamoto’s wonferful ‘Ocean Fire’ from 2008 for blissful pennies from heaven.

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