Madeleine Cocolas – Ithaca

Having spent the better part of a decade working overseas, Madeleine Cocolas recently returned to Australia and set about crafting Ithaca, her poetic reading of place, cast in sound. An audio diary of sorts, this record etches out that sense of the strange familiar. It is the soundtrack to a returning to place that exists mostly in memory, only to find that its rhythms, patterns and appearances have shifted in your absence. Musically Cocolas calls on the pulsing rhythmic phases of Maggi Payne and Laurie Spiegel and settles them in alongside piano ladened harmonic land scapes that bring to mind Harold Budd’s more reflective moments. This album is a drifting discovery of self in time and place, adorned with all the beautiful subtlety that such an experience brings.

From Madeleine:

I wrote “Ithaca” after returning to live in my home town of Brisbane, Australia after many years away living in Melbourne, Seattle and New York. Writing “Ithaca” was a raw, personal and cathartic experience for me and explores the complex and varied emotions I have felt since returning home. It canvasses feelings of optimism, frustration, heartbreak, melancholy and ultimately hope. Whilst the title “Ithaca” is derived from a previous name for the neighborhood I currently live in, I acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal people as the first inhabitants and the traditional custodians of the lands where I live.


Madeleine Cocolas is an Australian composer and producer who creates predominantly post classical and ambient instrumental music. Her work moves between lush soundscapes to experimental electronics, field recordings and solo piano. Madeleine has released music on a number of labels and has collaborated with many other artists on multidisciplinary projects including contemporary dance performances, site-specific gallery installations and films.

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  1. i like not only electronic music but also classic music, especially baroque. i feel something awesome that exceed our knowledges from ITHACA. i like this sounds.
    thank you !

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