Sebastian Reynolds – The Universe Remembers

Photo by Miles Hart

The Universe Remembers is the title track from the forthcoming new EP by Oxford-based producer and keyboard player/pianist Sebastian Reynolds. The single and EP are being released via producer Capitol K’s Faith & Industry label, the release platform for Capitol K’s output as well as luminaries such as John Johanna and Champagne Dub.

Following his formative years leading premier UK cult musical ensembles Keyboard Choir and Braindead Collective, and having more latterly made a name for himself with the modern classical trio Solo Collective, in which he performs with German chamber musicians Alex Stolze and Anne Müller (Erased Tapes) and the Thai/Anglo dance and music show Mahajanaka Dance Drama that he scored and produced, The Universe Remembers is a distillation of these various musical inclinations. From the distorted finale evoking the digital climaxes of Keyboard Choir, to the swirling clarinet lines nodding to the post-jazz explorations of Braindead Collective and the sampling of T.S. Elliot’s epic poem The Waste Land representing Sebastian’s ongoing interest in dystopian contemporary literature, as previously heard on Sebastian’s Catch 22 based piece Ripeness Is All (featured on Solo Collective Part 2). The Universe Remembers is Sebastian’s first solo release aside from the dance score commissions and it certainly serves as a further glimpse into the inner workings of one of the UK’s most prolific, wide ranging and unpredictable music creators.

Previous Sebastian Reynolds releases include the collaboration releases with Anne Müller and Alex Stolze, Solo Collective Part 1, released via Nonostar Records in November 2017 and Solo Collective Part 2, released via Nonostar in June 2019. Sebastian has also released two EPs from the Thai project Mahajanaka Dance Drama, Mahajanaka in April 2017 via Nonostar, and Ma??mekhal? in October 2019 via PinDrop. Sebastian’s projects have had glowing critical acclaim from across the media and received airtime across the BBC and far beyond. He continues to work on commissions for Neon Dance, whose work that he scored, Puzzle Creature, has completed two tours to Japan and across the UK.

The Universe Remembers was composed by Sebastian Reynolds, produced with Capitol K at the legendary London studio Total Refreshment Centre and in Oxford with Mike Bannard at The Aviary and Safehouse. Clarinet performed by Rachel Coombes.

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