Todd Anderson-Kunert – Past Walls And Windows

Australian minimalist Todd Anderson-Kunert works for Moog synthesiser are exercises in intimacy, restraint and unerring patience. Past Walls And Windows plays with how sound emerges and decays. It is an edition that celebrates the ephemeral nature of the medium and the way sound’s immateriality invites a constant sensing and seeking on behalf of those that encounter it.

From Todd Anderson-Kunert…

When contemplating the title of this album, the word ‘Past’ felt very appropriate, and in many ways could have been the title itself. It can refer to what lies beyond a physical point, but also describe a period of lived experience. How can one term function in both past and future context?

Part of me feels that this is about the home, having had life centred around this domestic architecture during the recording process, and trying to re-locate and re-establish it’s amorphous form. But it’s not as simple as architecture and furnishings, it’s the temporal environment, the emotional shadows and reflections that ricochet of the geometric structure at obtuse angles create tangents, beautiful and chaotic riffs of joy, despair, confusion, sadness, all things real yet seemingly transitory, re-set regularly through lunar movements. It’s about how these spaces influence our being, how we interact with others, and how we interact with ourselves.

I was reading about Mayan cultures, and found that their homes, and their cities, and their concept of the place were all connected, each one being constructed to mimic their interpretation of the Universe, Universes within Universes. It brings a concept of the greater world/s into the home, an intense reminder of the places that we simultaneously inhabit. I have a home of glorious intensities. When we moved house and studio it was the first thing I felt, there was a terrifying mix of Entropy and Negentropy, a focus on the natural process of becoming and disappearing. It was beautifully humbling, things passing and things to pass. The architecture and environment appeared to emphasise these important contemplations.

I just read that Entropy is not to be confused with Enthalpy, which is a term related to thermodynamics used to describe ‘a systems internal energy, the energy required to create the system, plus the amount of work required to make room for it… This feels like home.

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