Asher – Arrangements II VII

The compositional tool which has been at the center of my working methods for many years is the loop. A loop repeating, either alone, with other loops or against them, or over a non repeating structure.

I made each of the tracks on this release using four loops. A set of long tones at low frequencies makes up the first loop, which I played and recorded again for the second loop. The third loop is a set of long tones at midrange frequencies, which I repeated for the fourth loop. Thus there are two doubled loops phasing with themselves and each other.

In the process of recording, my ability to recreate the same recording twice was never perfect. Each loop starts out with its shadow close by but always moving away at some rate. This gives the frequencies a chance to be heard alone and in ever changing combinations.

Working with sine waves and loops for as long as I have, you feel like you’re repeating yourself sometimes. As I return to sounds and compositional techniques, chord voicings and phase relations I am trying to bring something new to these old ideas and patterns in the hope of uncovering something new and unexpected. Loops set a limit but also open up an unbounded space from which to extract possibilities – Asher

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