Black To Comm – Oocyte Oil

Ahead of new album Oocyte Oil & Stolen Androgens release on Oct. 30th, Black To Comm (Marc Richter) has shared the title piece “Oocyte Oil”. Like its counterpart “Stolen Androgens”, “Oocyte Oil” began as a piece commissioned for installations by German collective Gruppe Hasenbert recasting vocal hooks from mainstream pop tracks as haunted, subtly sensuous accompaniments to Richter’s mercurial instrumentals. The piece creates an atmosphere of subtle mystery through Richter’s use of anchored yet staggered loops and stuttered voice sampling.

Oocyte Oil & Stolen Androgens comprises Richter’s most concise and immediate work to date. In composing the original pieces and re-working them for release, Richter explains that he “wanted to break away from the notion that pieces for art have to be atonal, or abstract, or difficult”. It stands as a testament to the evocative power of his work that even removed from their original context, Richter’s synaesthetic compositions alone give a vivid sense of three-dimensional space and narrative.

Like psychoactive chemicals blossoming in the stomach, pieces burst and bloom from the recordings into physical space, grounded in the familiar but drifting through alternate realities and higher states of consciousness. Through re-sampling and re-working his own material, Richter actively embraces the inherently liminal and temporal nature of music, each piece existing in a state of constant flux, constantly shifting and evolving to suit the myriad contexts in which it is experienced.

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