Peace Chord – Crescent of Sun

Credit: Theo Lekan

Peace Chord is the new project from Daniel Robertson, a Canadian musician and member of Crack Cloud. His debut single as Peace Chord, ‘Crescent of Sun’, is a subtle and slow moving ambient track that reverberates with emotion.

This song was written in a memorial for my friend Chris, who, after some years of sobriety, died of an overdose. The same day of his memorial, there was a solar eclipse, and I remember seeing the shadows in the leaves shaped like crescents.

Peace Chord is the new project from Daniel Robertson, a Canadian musician and core member of Vancouver-based Crack Cloud. His music is a deeply personal, ethereal collection of songs in which he reflects on the worlds he has been immersed in. From minimalist explorations of gentle voice, upright piano, and vintage synthesizers, vulnerable meditations emerge. Through these spacious compositions, Robertson makes room for ideas to take hold and evolve gradually, drawing the listener into his world.

As Peace Chord, Daniel Robertson displays a vivid sense of space and place. While his work with Crack Cloud is communal and grandiose, here we find the individual vulnerable and introspective. Here we find a poet, in a moment of hermitic revelation. Even without knowing the particulars of the album’s backstory, the fragile arrangements bring you next to him, hearing the floor creak as he works his way around his innermost thoughts.

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  1. says: Alison

    Beautiful music. It stopped me marking student scripts and reminded me that it is possible to break away from the seemingly uncontrollable and incessant noise of work. The power of music. Thank you.

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