Andrew Deutsch / Stephen Vitiello – Sighing Like a Sleeper

The video is an expression of a couple of ideas – the first is compositional. To begin, there is a “field composition of movement.” This field is constructed through layering and intermodulation of 3D rendered objects and fast-moving bands of color. On top of, and/or within the field composition are flat planes, objects and other elements that move independent of the field which moves at a very slow rate. The effect is “an object(s) on top of a field composition.” This is a score for drawings given to me by printmaker, Theodore Morgan. In a very real way, the video is a moving drawing, or an “electrodynamic drawing”

The other idea has to do with the loss of a loved one. Life is always in motion, often too fast to appreciate yet still beautiful. When someone passes away their movement slows down dramatically – they reside in the slow space of memory. There is a balance of looking at life and death in the piece. – Andrew

The soundtrack was composed in response to a memory of the visuals. I try not to create a direct response… not to watch as I play but more to absorb the feeling I get from the initial impact of viewing and then go off and make something on my own. Andrew and I have collaborated on and off for 21 years. There’s a shared language and an ease of finding a fit. I did particularly take note of the moments of pulse, as well as the density of shapes and colors as inspiration for sonic textures, moments of dissonance and bits of melody. I think everything came from guitar but maybe it was also Mellotron. – Stephen


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