Anarchist Mountains Trio – Conspiracy Means Breathing Together

Exclusive audio taken from the upcoming album ‘La terre et la force’…

Anarchist Mountains Trio – Conspiracy Means Breathing Together ‘Conspiracy Means Breathing Together’ is the first single from “La terre et la force” a full-length album by Anarchist Mountains Trio. The piece is a part of a subtle, beautifully paced album, written and recorded in a summer day in Montréal, Canada. On this recording Anarchist Mountains, usually a duo of brothers Stefan and Jordan Christoff, are joined by Joseph Sannicandro.

Within the carefully yet intuitively orchestrated layers of ‘La terre et la force’ one hears Sannicandro contributing electronics and street sounds from his travels around the world. The delicate synth scapes are courtesy of Jordan Christoff, while his brother Stefan explores rawer guitar tones driven by volume boosts, that he first experimented with in teenage punk bands. ‘La terre et la force’ by Anarchist Mountains Trio will be released on February 15 via Bulgaria’s Amek Collective on tape limited to 66 copies and digital.

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