Matt Rösner – No Lasting Form

After the long break from making music, I was starting at ground zero. Initially I was flooded with ideas, there were too many possibilities, and I was met with a state of confusion about where to begin in this new place I had arrived at. To refine the direction, many hours were spent just listening and thinking about what had led me to this point. I was soon trying to figure out when the pieces were complete or whether I’d captured the intent or feel of a particular sound.

There were months where I didn’t record a single note, I just listened in a very detailed and deliberate way. Because of this process the album feels like it’s a lived in room or an old pair of shoes, or that precious memory you hold from the past… it reflects on times and places I have inhabited and I am pleased to invite others to now come and be inside this sound world.

I found this note from the earliest times of making the record. A car on a desert highway at dawn. Half asleep at the wheel, gradients shift the sands, spiralling into the awakening sky. Distant transmissions, civilisation at its knees.

Down to the water, at narrow margins, it is too late for panic. Fraying ropes, ripped sails and a blistered timber deck, such well worn allies to survive the endless crest and trough of the sea. Silent but screaming, of no lasting form.

Trying to hold on, to set solid foundations or to cling to some precious debris. Impermanent in a constantly shifting frame. – Matt R

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