Sone Institute – New Vermin Replace Old

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‘New Vermin Replace Old’ is the new EP by Sone Institute, the artist moniker for UK based electronic musician Roman Bezdyk. Formerly a mainstay of the legendary Manchester based label Front & Follow, The New Vermin Replace Old EP will be released via Roman’s own Mystery Bridge imprint on 16th April 2021. The EP follows the single Memory and the Sea in March 2021 and the album where moth and rust consume released via Front & Follow in October 2018.

Having released a host of ground-breaking albums via Front & Follow, Sone Institute holds a rightful place in the pantheon of great electronic experimenters of the UK from the last twenty years. The four tracks of New Vermin Replace Old combine Roman’s deft knack for intense drone and ambience via glitching electronica and otherworldly textures and tones. From the raw to the refined, electronic structures dissolve into flowing soundscapes of mystery and wonder. When asked about the new EP and how it relates to his previous output Roman says “I would describe the new material as visceral, direct, emotive and intuitively self -composed. It picks up from some small embers from some of my more ambient tracks and heads off into what is, for me, unchartered territory”.

Throughout his impressive career of releases Sone Institute has long been championed by the likes of Gideon Coe and Stuart Maconie on BBC 6 Music, Radio 3’s Late Junction and his albums have received praise from The Wire, The Quietus and Electronic Sound. Sone Institute has performed live only rarely, with exclusive performances having taken place at the Union Chapel, Tate Britain and at Green Man Festival.

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