Anarchist Mountains Trio – But Who, We

A collaboration between Anarchist Mountains Trio and artist Charline Dally.

Released by AMEK collective in Sofia, Bulgaria, this release “La terre et la force” is a sonic exploration between brothers Jordan and Stefan Christoff, working in collaboration with sound artist Joseph Sannicandro.

“But Who, We,” is from the album and was shared with artist Charline Dally who worked on this beautiful video, Charline writes:

“As I let myself be carried away with my eyes closed by the dreamy and vaporous atmosphere of the piece But Who, We, I saw floating images, soft and aquatic movements, such as blurred and evanescent visions that appear in dreams. I decided to link the synth waves of the composition to shots recorded in Percé, Gaspésie, which have been then processed with different analog mixing techniques and circuit bending, during a residency at Signal Culture (Owego, NY). It’s always fascinating to translate music visually, to establish links between an oscillator and a subtle light vibration, through the magic of montage which becomes like a synesthetic tool.”

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