Yann Novak – The Ecstasy of Annihilation

Annihilation is a state in the absolute.

It is the eradication of a place, a being, a thing and even a state of existence. It is loaded with connotation and often exists as a state causing intense polarisation. At one end it suggests a profound loss, and at the other, a removal and perhaps the promise of a re-birth into some emergent sense of self and as yet unknown freedom.

It’s the later of these two states, which fascinates Los Angeles artist Yann Novak. His latest full length work, Lifeblood Of Light and Rapture collects together a series of states of explosive release, renewal and ecstatic realignment.

Diving deeper into the ecstatic and the euphoria of discovery, he invites Siavash Amini, Bethan Kellough and Lawrence English to consider his acoustic proposition and in doing so propose their own re-reading of his aspirations towards ecstasy, annihilation, irradiation and finally rapture. – Yann


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