Machinone – Wind Letter

Machinone, an enigmatic artist who composes music based on Town (Machi) in the broad sense of the word, will release his third album. Acoustic guitar and small piano are spun in a simple and gentle manner. On top of variously designed instruments and objects, a faintly imaginary world rises up and opens a new door.

Following the 1st album Tokyo, which depicts the west side of Tokyo, and Pieni, which expresses the compassion for the towns and small things in our memories, his third album is an imaginary wind letter that has arrived in our time. Using the title “Wind Letter” and the melody of the title track as a clue, Wind Letter was constructed with a slightly sci-fi story in mind. In addition to the gut guitars, small pianos, banjos, and prepared guitars that characterize his music, this album also features triangular analog string synthesizers, cheap keyboards, triangles, and den den taiko (Japanese pellet drum).

The result is a varied and, in some songs, magical ensemble. From the keywords that influenced the album, such as Draisine, Chacun cherche son chat (Cédric Klapisch), Niewinni Czarodzieje (Andrzej Wajda) and Frank Patterson’s Cycling Eutopia, as well as the stories brought by the various invisible forms of wind indicated in the song titles, may give you a sense of longing for the near future and the past that does not exist, and a soft look at contemporary society. The world around him changed dramatically during the making of this album, and the songs that were created to dispel this change are a collection of small pieces that have a hint of brightness and comicality, and give a sense of a new swing for Machinone as a musician.

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