New From Sonic Pieces

Sonic Pieces are releasing two special records in November. The latest release in their Patterns Series is a collaboration between Oliver Doerell and Jawad Salkhordeh, and mixes Eastern mysticism with Western electronics. The alteration of its tones are mixed in with segments of inserted voice, while distortions and lacerations scar the music’s surface.

With Persian influences and light, jazz-oriented vibes, complete with its pungent cigarette smoke which loiters well beyond midnight, occupies its own unique zone in electro-acoustic instrumental music. The soundscapes have no particular home and defy genre-categorisation, which is perfect, as music shouldn’t be limited to boxed-in styles or conventions. It finds its home in the unknown, unexplored areas of sound, in the liberal, sprawling paths within; areas not yet mapped out. Spellbinding rhythms slip into the fabric of its sound with ease, and the music seems to be well-balanced.

The second release from Sonic Pieces sees the completion of Otto A Totland’s piano trilogy. Named Companion, the sparse piano compositions are a distillation of purity. Totland has further refined his craft, and the music that emerges is heartfelt. Sparse does not have to mean skeletal, cold, or stark, and Companion is a prime example of that. Warmth flows like a heart pumping blood through the arteries, with every note occupying a special place and providing critical links to the main body of the song. The music is personal to Otto, so much so that the piano becomes an extension of himself.

Companion is warmth in a cruel world, like a genuine smile in a world of fakery and falsehood, a true friend amid backstabbing and infighting. A diamond in the rough. Obscured by daily tragedies which continue to litter the news, music such as this is comfort food. Glints of peace and a lambent hope emerge thanks to the knowledge that rays of goodness, decency, and purity still exist…if you know where to look.

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