Quiver Vex – Hypnagogia

Hypnagogia is the first collection of pieces I’ve published. Not exactly the first music I have made as Quiver Rex, but the first which I have felt should be shared more widely.

As the title suggests, this work is derived from the ethereal state between wakefulness and sleep. It’s a state I find myself thinking about often, after all it is one of those places we find ourselves in so regularly. To take it for granted seems neglectful, its unsteadiness deserves some kind of more reflective investigation and perhaps that is where this album is coming from.

It was initially inspired by Rene Descartes’ argument that dreams and waking life can have the same content, through my work as Quiver Vex I have sought to inhabit that place where senses can be fooled and nothing is certain. That lack of clarity, which can at times be frustrating, is also a source of deep curiosity and for me, inspiration.

A lot of this music is the result of experimentation with sleep deprivation techniques, controlled hallucinogenic experiments and participating in sleep disorder studies. These are things that exist in my everyday life and have had deep and lasting effects on me.

Hypnagogia represents the sounds and sensations from the in-between zone I find myself in. The layers of textural harmony you hear are how I experience this state, or at least how I translate that experience. The sense of them gradually unfurling to envelop you is something I experience. I’d like to think that perhaps this work can provide some kind of reflective space and encourage a conscious reverence for this state we so very often overlook. – Quiver Vex


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