Dust Devil

Dust Devil is the second single from Anne Garner’s upcoming Slowcraft album Dear Unknown and is presented alongside this sumptuous remix from Ukrainian composer, pianist and friend of the label Mike Lazarev.

Mike’s Pent Up Rework reframes Anne Garner’s minimal dream-pop anthem as a tense, expansive and texturally rich blanket of sound, nestled deeply in post-classical, post-ambient territory, featuring reductionist piano, layered orchestra, synthesized bass and the emotional heft of Anne’s original vocal in full. In his own words:

“When reworking Anne’s piece, I tried to absorb the emotion conveyed with her voice into a taut, slightly ominous, and condensed sonic cloud, and then releasing all of this built-up pressure into a blue, clear sky.”

Storm brews over here
Feeling pent up, out of gear
Need to vent, let outside
We can’t hide
Open doors open windows
All this dust is blowing out in a whirlwind


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