Lydian Dunbar – Blue Sleep

The colour blue is very restful for me. I can look up at the sky or out at the ocean and feel calm. It holds me, and I feel like I can breathe it in very deeply.

One day not long ago after a surf in Byron Bay, me and my good friend Randy found a shelter someone had made on the beach from sticks and branches. It looked like a hut, a shelter from the heat of the sun. We crawled into the shelter and laid down. I looked up through the sticks to see the blue sky and soon I was asleep.

I wanted to make an ambient album about that day. I have lots of electronic instruments that I use with Tralala Blip but with my solo project I wanted to use my beloved harmonicas. They are an instrument that is very special to me.

Randy and I went back to the studio with my harmonicas, a small granular modular system, my voice and not much else. We went out a few times to collect sounds from the beach and surrounding area using a zoom recorder and an EMF recorder made by Soma Labs.

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