Steve Pacheco – Fades


Steve Pacheco is a Los Angeles based sound / visual artist and graphic designer. His earliest sonic influence was classical music played through a transistor radio. This lo-fi sound found its way into his current work through the usage of simple melodic loops processed to create warm, hazy, atmospheric soundscapes. His aim is to recall memory / experience / emotion through the language of this weathered aesthetic.

He released his debut album, Constellate, on Belgian label Dauw in May of 2017. Shortly after, his second album, The 4th, was released on UK based Whitelabrecs. He has also released compilation tracks and remixes for various labels such as Dragons Eye Recordings, Archives, Home Normal, Dauw & Eilean Recs, El Muelle Records, and Nova Fund Recordings.

The catalyst behind “Fades” is the pondering of the many chapters in our lives. The ways beginnings and endings bookend those chapters, and are a part of every single aspect of being. Where this album differs from previous efforts is that there is no singular narrative or theme being explored. Instead, it is more of a random collection of experiences representing various times in my life. The focus is not on the details of those individual memories or times, but the transitions or “fades” in between.

Track listing:

01 Elapse
02 Dandelion
03 Himalaya
04 Distant
05 Eventide
06 Drift
07 Fades

Conceived and Written by Steve Pacheco
Mixed by Ian Hawgood
Design by Daniel Crossley
Label: Fluid Audio

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