Hummingbird – Langd


When we attempt to perceive acoustics and how they unfold – the random rise or fall of variants – there will always be aspects that remain a mystery, to learn it’s behaviour, conceptual design and subsequent communiqués requires concentration.

Six years since the last album was released, Fluid Audio presents a new work from the surreptitious artist – “Langd” or “Length” is a furtherance of “Glade” & “Our Fearful Symmetry”. Hummingbird’s latest sequential offering brings a similar spectral fragility – akin to the previous works.

Made by hand,

We return with a special map editions deluxe package; extremely rare hardcover / hardback-cased OS ordnance survey maps (circa. 1952-1977 (mainly Scotland locations). Each one is cloth-backed and bound; presented in beautiful old maps of drone-like exploration. Along with the maps we have beautiful A6 prints on 250gsm uncoated card, antique glass slides (circa.1922-1942), vintage photographs, 2 x CD, book inserts from ‘The EarlyTravels’ (circa. 1921) edition, vintage travel tickets, stamped library cards and reel to reel field recording tape. All stamped / numbered / scented. Truly limited edition!

Made with love…

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