Fields We Found – Paths


Paths is the second album I have released as Fields We Found and I am so pleased it is now seeing the light of day. Recorded in 2021 and exploring the routes we all choose and where those decisions take us. Intuition and a common sense of togetherness. It is a view into the past – where I was at the time, musically and personally.

Made in the same studio as all my music – looking out over the countryside and allowing it to influence the pace and textures of the music. All tracks performed and recorded straight to tape using an analogue modular system, Ensoniq mirage, Isla instruments s2400 and various fx and tape machines; mastered by my lovely friend Ian Hawgood – huge thanks to him as always.

– Fields We Found

Made by hand,

Book Editions’ series. Vintage books dissected, re-assembled and re-structured into book-bound CD covers…

1 x Vintage (circa:1870-1956) hardback clothbound book (re-assembled into CD covers)
1 x Full size CD
Complete book pages of writing / image inserts
12 x A7 edited polaroid prints on luxury uncoated paper
1 x Stamped / numbered library card
1 x Vintage photograph (circa; 1907-1944)
1 x Vintage book-mark
1 x Vintage celluloid negative
1 x Vintage 35mm slide
1 x 35mm reel to reel film strip (travel loop edition)
1 x vintage travel ticket

Stamped / hand numbered / scented
Download code (includes 19 PDF prints)

Strictly limited edition: 70 copies (no two copies are the same)

Made with love…

Music: Fields We Found
Mastering: Ian Hawgood
Print layout: Craig Tattersall
Design: Daniel Crossley

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