Seabuckthorn – Inlandscape


We are thrilled to welcome Andy Cartwright back to the record label; this time under the guise of the Seabuckthorn moniker. His latest offering ‘Inlandscape’, was made mainly by capturing bowed guitar sounds on a reel-to-reel tape machine (sometimes making loops), mixed with the double bass, tuba, trombone and violin played by guest musicians.

All music written and recorded between late 2022 / early 2023 in Saint-Pierre-d’Argençon, France by Andy Cartwright.

Bowed guitar, field recordings, clarinet, reel-to-reel tape recordings and mixing by Andy Cartwright.

Double bass, tuba and trombone by Phil Cassel.

Violin on 9 & 10 by Robin Vargoz.

Mastered by James Plotkin.

Cover image of negative scan by Andy Cartwright.

Made by hand,

Book Editions’ series. Vintage books dissected, re-assembled and re-structured into book-bound CD covers…

1 x Vintage (circa:1890-1951) hardback clothbound book (re-assembled into CD covers)
2 x CD
15 Pages of writing / image inserts
10 x A6 edited polaroid prints on luxury uncoated paper (250grm)
1 x Stamped / numbered library card
1 x Vintage photograph (circa; 1901-1949)
1 x Vintage book-mark
1 x Vintage celluloid negative
1 x Vintage 35mm slide
1 x 35mm reel to reel film strip (tape loop edition)
1 x vintage travel ticket
1 x vintage OS map insert

Stamped / hand numbered / scented

Download code (includes 20 PDF prints)

Strictly limited edition: 100 copies (no two copies are the same)

Made with love…

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