Galati / Mosconi – Penombra

This well-invested collaboration between Federico Mosconi (not new to Fluid Radio) and Roberto Galati (a new name to us) is gently prussian blue exercise in pressure cooker movements with drones and melodic logic.

Throughout the entire album, there is a central poise and focus that indebts the listener with a quietude that is long-lasting, rejuvenating and re-energising in a multidimensional effect. Fully-realised, meticulously built and honed, “Penombra” is a sailor’s dream, bobbing on the waves like a playful seal.

Starting off well and going on just long enough to be purposeful, the generic course displayed here – or rather, followed: seismic nature recordings of analogue and synthetic drone mesh – creates a kind of intoxicating bubble bath to get lost in. What I greatly like about this music is its infinite beauty. It has infinite pores of pausing thought, for stopping to think. A ruminative easel is careened at an abstract painter’s angle, like painting a watercolour on the grass with a horizontal canvas.

Colours collide like fireworks set free into the sky; the texture of that coloured sound changes contoured environment much like a baby Armadillo and its mother, a birth of once every three years a precious statement, like the general runtime or aggregation period of two minds coalescing as one to form a project. Collaborations do not always work out as well as this showing, and in a way, it’s another reason this fellow drone-r is thankful labels such as KrysaliSound are around to dish the goods over the horizon. A fantastically moving record, you will not be disappointed if you’re a fan of Tim Hecker or Christian Fennesz. Enter the “Penombra”…but try and avoid freezing over, if you can.

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